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The 10-Second Rule

The 10-Second Rule

Following Jesus Made Simple

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Have you sensed God calling you to greater obedience?

You pass a car with its hood up or gas cap open, and by the time you decide to stop and help, you’re a mile away . . . so you don’t.

You see a woman crying in a grocery store aisle and you are prompted to stop and ask if you can help . . . but you keep walking.

You hope that you’ll do better next time . . . but will you?

In this powerful book, you’ll discover a memorable, simple way to be attentive to the voice of God and courageously obedient to the promptings of the Spirit. You’ll find practical ideas for discerning God’s will, and you’ll read stories of ordinary men and women—just like you—who are living by the Rule and how it has transformed their lives and the lives of those they reach out to.

The 10-Second Rule is a call to rediscover the revolutionary power of simple obedience as Jesus taught it and the early church lived it, before religious Christianity tamed it! It’s following Jesus made simple. Previously self-published, this new edition has been revised extensively with more stories, expanded teachings, and a study guide.

Finally, a rule you’ll love keeping!
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  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781476702773 | 
  • February 2013
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The 10-Second Rule: Following Jesus Made Simple

Discover a memorable, simple way to be attentive to the voice of God, from Clare De Graaf's book The 10 Second Rule.

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The 10-Second Rule

CHAPTER ONE A Rule of Life
The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting.

It has been found difficult and left untried.


The knock on the passenger-side window was so loud and unexpected it startled them both—father and son. That the father had been in the... see more



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