100 Ways to Beat the Blues

100 Ways to Beat the Blues

An Uplifting Book for Anyone Who's Down

How do you beat the blues?

We all have moments in life when we're down, lonely, or just plain sad. It's part of being human. Just as everyone is different, everyone has a unique way of beating the blues.

For anyone who needs a bit of inspiration, a smile, or a friendly pat on the back, Tanya Tucker and ninety-nine friends offer this heartwarming collection of their personal recipes for beating the blues. President George H.W. Bush yells at the television. Loretta Lynn makes herself a fried bologna sandwich. Sir Arthur C. Clarke explores the infinite universe of fractals. NASCAR's Geoff Bodine cleans the house. Seventy celebrities such as Kris Kristofferson, Wynonna Judd, and Garth Brooks and thirty ordinary folks such as a farmer, a private detective, a doctor, and a retired gospel radio-show host share what lifts their spirits and remind us of all the joy life has to offer.
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  • March 2006
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Chapter One: The Two-Hour Blues

Tanya Tucker

Any entertainer will tell you that when you get on that tour bus, you sometimes feel you are leaving the problems of the real world behind. You're out there on the road where problems with the plumbing at your house, or the lawn that needs mowing, or the important call you haven't returned are miles away. They'll usually be waiting for you upon your return, but still, it's out of sight, out of mind. But the one thing you can't outrun on the road is the blues. The blues travel fast. They'll catch up.

Getting up onstage and feeling the love of your fans goes a long ways toward... see more

About the Author

Tanya Tucker
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Tanya Tucker

Tanya Tucker was born in Seminole, Texas, and achieved international fame at the age of thirteen when her first single, "Delta Dawn," soared to the top of the charts. Considered to be one of the great song stylists, she has become one of music's most beloved icons. Her recording catalog includes more than a hundred solo and compilation albums; she has been honored with the highest awards country music can offer and has received numerous awards for her work outside music. When she is not on tour she is at her Tennessee farm with her three children: Presley, Grayson, and Layla, as well as assorted dogs, cats, and horses.




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