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101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent

101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent

Making Athletics a Positive Experience for Your Child

The determining factor in whether a child between the ages of six and seventeen enjoys athletics is his or her parents -- not the sport, coach, or team. Yet, parents are often unaware of how their behavior and expectations impact their child's experience.
In 101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent, Dr. Joel Fish, a sport psychologist who is also the dad of three young athletes, shares both his clinical expertise and practical experience to help parents develop a deeper understanding of the many issues that surround the young athlete. For athletes of all skill levels, from Little League to high school, Dr. Fish discusses how to:

•Help your child reach his or her full athletic potential
•Develop strategies to deal with competitive pressure
•Know if you're too involved or not involved enough
•Interact successfully with your child's coach, and more

With insights into the different developmental and self-esteem issues facing girls and boys, information on parenting a superstar athlete, and special tips for single parents, 101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent will help any parent make sports a memorable and happy experience for their child.
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  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743227025 | 
  • September 2003
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Why you're the most important influence

Today, more than ever, sports-playing kids need their parents to be aware of the many pressures and challenges they face on the playing field -- including a relentless pressure to win that most parents themselves didn't experience. Sports-playing kids need moms and dads to be aware of their own motivations and desires, which influence them as sports parents.

Here are eleven ways you can become more aware of what kind of sports parent you are and what your child needs from you the most:

1. Give your child unconditional love, no matter what happens on... see more
Introduction: Why our sports-playing kids need our help

Today, a record number of kids play sports -- approximately 40 million boys and girls, ages 6-17. That's a lot of sports-playing kids and a lot of sports parents.

If you're reading this book, you are most likely the parent of one or more of these kids. You, like many other sports parents today, may have a question, issue, or concern about your sports-playing child.

If you do, I promise you, you're not alone.

As a licenced psychologist and sport psychologist with over 20 years of clinical experience dealing with a wide range of athletes, both professional... see more

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