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2000 Reasons to Hate the Millennium

2000 Reasons to Hate the Millennium

A 21st-Century Survival Guide

Edited by: Josh Freed
5. No one knows how to spell it
4. There will be a Rolling Stones Millennium Tour
3. Your new computer program may be Curtains 2000
2. As a kid you figured out how ancient you'd be in the year 2000. Now you are.
1. There are only 999 years left till Y3K

Have you had it with Millennium hype? Would you like to exterminate all talk of the Y2K bug? Here's the antidote! 2000 Reasons to Hate the Millennium is your guide to surviving the marketing madness surrounding the year you-know-what.
Here is advice on such millennial topics as:
  • How to give birth to the first baby of the Millennium
  • Where NOT to be Millennium Eve
  • 2000 products to expect and avoid
  • The Worst Awards: worst books, movies, fashions, and media stories of the last 2000 years

2000 Reasons to Hate the Millennium
-- Don't Leave This Millennium Without It!
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 160 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684867793 | 
  • May 1999
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