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30 Days of No Gossip

30 Days of No Gossip

For Ages: 9 - 13
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Can a middle school gossip queen change her ways, or will she lose her BFF for good? Find out in this M!X original novel.

Maddie Evans prides herself on being the gossip queen of Troy Middle School. She is the first person her classmates go to when they need the latest news on the ins-and-outs of TMS—and Maddie never disappoints.

Her best friend since birth, Vi, isn’t crazy about Maddie’s penchant for passing on rumors, but it’s never been an issue in their friendship. Until the day Maddie lets slip who Vi is crushing on—in front of her crush.

Vi is furious, and she confronts Maddie with an ultimatum: no gossip for 30 days, or twelve years of sisterhood goes down the drain.

Maddie agrees, but only a week into the challenge, she gets one of the juiciest pieces of gossip EVER—something that could affect the future of the school. Will she be able to keep her mouth shut and tame her ways? Or will she be left standing alone with no one to hear her stories?
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  • Aladdin | 
  • 208 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442482814 | 
  • March 2014 | 
  • Grades 4 - 8
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30 Days Of No Gossip Chapter One
Oxford English Dictionary definition of “gossip”:

/'gsIp/ Easy, unrestrained talk or writing, esp. about persons or social incidents.

Maddie Evans’s definition of “gossip”:

/'gsIp/ Information people want to know, in order to keep everyone aware of what is going on. Information is given by someone who is “in the know”—and that someone is... see more



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