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9 Scorpions

Read by: Gerry Bammon
Award-winning author Paul Levine captures the dark side of the legal world with gripping, mordantly witty prose that "gets leaner, meatier, better with every book" (Miami Herald). Now, he delivers a thrillingly authentic page-turner about the murderous secrets of those who make and break the law at the highest level: the United States Supreme Court.
Lisa Fremont is a rising young lawyer gifted with a brilliant mind, natural beauty -- and an alluring sensuality. A newly hired law clerk on the staff of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Truitt, Lisa has a bright future. She also has a past that her curriculum vitae doesn't reveal....Long before she was Lisa Fremont, Esquire, she was Angel, an underage stripper in San Francisco's Tiki Club. And long before Max Wanaker was president of Atlantica Airlines, he was the wealthy benefactor who took her off the streets. Her driving ambition put her at the top of her class at Stanford, but her tuition, a highpowered career head start, and a new life came courtesy of Max, who knew a good bet when he saw it. Max took his angel far with a devil of a deal -- now, he's calling in the debt.
Three years ago, on its approach to Miami International, Atlantica Flight 640 crashed, claiming hundreds of lives and sparking a multimillion-dollar legal battle that is about to come before the Supreme Court. The swing vote belongs to Sam Truitt, and Max is depending on Lisa's expertise in the art of persuasion to save Atlantica. Lisa knows there's only one way to get Justice Truitt's vote: put aside her passion for justice and get into Truitt's life, into his head -- and into his bed.
But Lisa's obligation to Max is about to be overruled by a raw desire for Sam Truitt....One of the nation's most powerful men, Justice Truitt is also just a man -- with a failing marriage and a sharp, sexy law clerk succeeding in winning him over. Not knowing whom to trust as he steps into the minefield of the Atlantica case, he puts his career and his life on the line to strip away layers of corruption and violence outside the system -- and within. For even among his fellow Justices -- as tangled and deadly as nine scorpions in a bottle -- Truitt may find the deadly sting of malevolence at the highest levels of Law.
In the Machiavellian maze of political intrigue and personal betrayal that is the Supreme Court, Lisa Fremont and Sam Truitt could make one hell of a legal team. But inside the hidden sanctums of the halls of justice, there's only one rule to live by: stay one step ahead of those who live by no law at all.
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Chapter 1: Study by Day...Strip by night

0n the night before her interview at the Supreme Court of the United States, Lisa Fremont did not know if she could go through with it. She wanted the job all right -- what newly minted lawyer wouldn't? -- but then, the thought of corrupting the position, of using it to repay an old debt, was antithetical to everything she thought she had become.

But have I really changed? Am I Lisa Fremont, magna cum laude from Stanford Law or Angel from the Tiki Club in the Tenderloin?

Until today, she thought she could handle it. But that was before she visited the Court to get the feel of... see more

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