The English island called Abandon, enshrouded in ancient legend, has been home to warriors as well as enchanting women -- and none more spellbinding than lovely Morwenna Halliwell. Determined to fight when Abandon is offered to the highest bidder, Morwenna confronts the enemy: the Earl of Pentargon, Anthony Hartstone -- or "Lord Heart-of-Stone" as she indignantly calls him. Yet little does Morwenna realize she will soon be forced to marry the forbidding lord who holds her future in his strong hands.
Anthony arrogantly dismisses Morwenna and her litany of complaints against him -- all the while drawn to her beauty and courage. But when danger confronts Morwenna, Anthony knows he must call upon all his power to protect the innocent miss he desires. It is up to him to unmask the villain who threatens her, and also to convince his bride that he is not her opponent -- but her most passionate and devoted admirer.
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  • ISBN 9780743423038 | 
  • June 2001
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The Scilly Islands
Cornwall, England

The castle servants had warned him that he would pay for ignoring the girl. On the very night he took possession of the ancient keep, the domestic prophets of doom surrounded him in the hallway. They assured him that the girl possessed some vague magical powers which she would use against him for turning her away.

"And what sort of magical powers might those be?" he had asked out of amused curiosity.

"She brings rainbows to the sky after a storm," the castle housekeeper said proudly.

The coachman nodded. "She causes flowers to bloom where nary... see more

About the Author

Jillian Hunter

Jillian Hunter has received several awards in the Romance Community, including Romantic Times Career Achievement Award. She lives in Southern California with her husband and three daughters.




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