Absolution Volume 1

Absolution Volume 1

A costumed hero sanctioned by the police, John Dusk has seen too many horrors, and begins to hunt and kill criminals in secret. It's the crime drama "Dexter" for the superhero set, as he wrestles to maintain his murderous double life!

In the world of ABSOLUTION, superheroes are a sanctioned arm of law enforcement, too precious a commodity to take off the line, to recover from the stress of the job. Veteran hero John Dusk has seen too much evil, and too many scumbags escape justice. One day, he crosses the line, lets a murderer die... and discovers it feels good. Surrounded by sociopaths, both human and superhuman, whom he knows will prey on others if they're not stopped permanently, how far will Dusk go? Can he hide his lethal brand of justice from his teammates and girlfriend, a homicide detective? John Dusk wants to be forgiven... but he doesn't want to stop.
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  • Avatar Press | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781592910977 | 
  • July 2006
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