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The Acupressure Atlas

The Acupressure Atlas

A fully illustrated and comprehensive reference guide to acupressure

• Provides acupressure treatments tailored for a wide variety of health disorders, including back pain, heart and circulatory problems, and even the common cold

• Contains step-by-step instructions illustrated in full color for self-treatment or treatment of a partner

• A simultaneous hardcover and paperback release

Trouble sleeping, sensitive stomach, headaches, joint problems, allergies: Sensory ailments such as these have been steadily increasing in Western countries for decades. Acupressure--massage along the body’s meridians in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine--can effectively prevent and treat all of these disorders, and more. The Acupressure Atlas is a fully illustrated and comprehensive reference guide that demonstrates how acupressure techniques activate and accelerate the body’s self-healing powers to alleviate many health problems, including even the common cold.

Acupressure confers a holistic health benefit that prevents disorder from arising by harmonizing and balancing the body’s energies. It is particularly suited to self-treatment, the treatment of a partner, and especially the treatment of children. Along with an introduction to the origins and principles of traditional Chinese medicine, The Acupressure Atlas provides the most important basic techniques as well as step-by-step instructions, illustrated in full color, of the practical and specific information needed to put the healing techniques of acupressure at your fingertips.
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  • Healing Arts Press | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781594771750 | 
  • October 2007
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Targeting Ailments with Acupressure

Whole-Body Massage

The basic acupressure techniques of stroking, kneading, and shaking can also be used to massage the entire body and all the acupressure points on it. It is useful to carry out a whole or partial body massage before acupressure treatment. The whole-body massage illustrated in the following pages is a partner massage, beginning with the front of the body and ending with the back of the body. The complete massage takes about forty-five to sixty minutes.

Left: With your partner lying on his or her back, the massage begins on the front of the body on the left... see more

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