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Age Right

Age Right

Turn Back the Clock with a Proven, Personalized, Anti-Aging Program

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Welcome to the new age in antiaging therapy

Don't resign yourself to growing old gracefully. With Age Right as your guide, you can reduce body fat, increase strength and energy, and boost your sex drive, all while adding years to your life. With his revolutionary approach, Karlis Ullis, M.D,, provides you with the latest methods for stopping -- and even reversing -- the aging process. Based on twenty years of pioneering work with Olympic and professional athletes, Age Right offers an antiaging program that helps you extend your life span by identifying your unique aging pathway through the "Mind-Body-Spirit" test.


The most up-to-date information on how and why we age, and the four key factors in the aging process

Self-tests to determine your "biological age" (versus your chronological age)

Expert advice on the best combination of nutrition, exercise, and supplements to fight the effects of age-related problems as indicated by your aging pathway

Specific guidelines for modifying your antiaging regimen based on gender, fitness level, and lifestyle

Detailed descriptions of all the antiaging supplements available today as well as treatments for the next millennium

Practical and extensive resources for choosing the right supplements, creating a specific diet and exercise plan, and finding the best antiaging health professionals
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  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439145708 | 
  • October 2012
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I am making several assumptions about you.
Assumption #1: You are among those of us who think that growing old is anything but graceful. Despite the best efforts of Hollywood and Madison Avenue to market middle age as the prime of your life, in reality there's nothing sexy about wrinkles, graying hair, spreading middles, sagging jowls, fading vision, diminishing sex drive, and loss of memory.
Assumption #2: You have already spent more money than you would like to admit on health clubs, diet plans, and maybe even cosmetic surgery to look younger. You are not alone. Last year Americans spent more than $35 billion on trying to... see more

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