Alice Alone

(Book #13 of Alice)
For Ages: 10 - 14
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Alice is starting high school, and everything is new. But it’s the new girl, Penny, who’s making ninth grade a real challenge for Alice. Penny is tiny and perky and a real flirt, and she seems to be focusing her attention on Patrick. Even worse, Patrick seems to be enjoying it.

Alice and Patrick have been a couple so long, Alice can’t imagine life without him. Suddenly she feels lost and unattractive and scared—not quite whole. How can Alice get back her confidence in herself, when she’s not even sure who she is?
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  • Atheneum Books for Young Readers | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439132296 | 
  • May 2012 | 
  • Grades 5 - 7
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Available on or around May 22, 2012

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Chapter One: Homecoming

September has always felt more like New Year's to me than January first. It's such a brand-new start -- new classes, new friends, new teachers, new clothes...This September I was entering a school almost twice the size of our old one, and it was scary to think about being one of the youngest kids again instead of a seasoned eighth grader. I hated the thought that I wouldn't be considered sophisticated anymore, and I'd probably feel as awkward as I used to.

"Hey, no sweat!" Lester, my soon-to-be-twenty-two-year-old brother said. "You'll get used to it in no time -- the leftover infirmary food, the --... see more

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