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The American Yoga Associations Easy Does It Yoga

The American Yoga Associations Easy Does It Yoga

The Safe And Gentle Way To Health And Well Being

Regain your health, vitality, and independence through this age-old approach to fitness
Whether you're an older adult just beginning to exercise, you're physically weak due to an illness or injury, or you haven't worked out in a while, The American Yoga Association's Easy Does It® Yoga is a safe, easy-to-use guide to renewed physical and emotional wellness.
For thousands of years people have turned to Yoga to enhance their quality of life. Yoga gradually builds physical flexibility and strength, improves concentration, relieves stress, increases energy, and develops the ability to relax at will. Easy Does It® Yoga, a nationally recognized fitness program, adapts traditional Yoga techniques to make them safe and easy for people who may face physical limitations. But, although it is a gentler from of Yoga, it is just as effective as more strenuous fitness programs for getting and staying in shape.
Alice Christensen, founder, of the American Yoga Association, guides you through the program, showing you:
* The basics of Yoga exercising, breathing, and meditation with specific, easy-to-follow illustrations throughout
* Specific postures such as the Gentle Full Bend, the Easy Sun Pose, and the Elbow Twist to help you target your weaker spots and increase your overall flexibility
* The unique benefits of Yoga for alleviating chronic health conditions ranging from arthritis to depression
* A six-week program to get you started and to help you develop a basic understanding of essential movements
* Specially designed sequences to boost energy or bring calm, depending on your specific needs
* Strategies to incorporate the Yoga lifestyle into your daily routine, not only with exercise, but also with tips on creating a healthy diet and ways to develop a more peaceful, positive mental attitude
Regardless of your age or physical condition, The American Yoga Association's Easy Does It® Yoga will inspire you to awaken your body and mind and experience the well-being and fulfillment that Yoga brings.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684848907 | 
  • November 1999
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Chapter 1: The Easy Does It Yoga Program of Total Fitness: How It Works and What to Expect

"Since my physical limitations have curtailed most of my activities, I really have a psychological need to feel like I'm accomplishing something or I get despondent and depressed. Improving my physical abilities in my Yoga helps give me that needed sense of accomplishment."

-- Dorothy Wild (age 69)

Each aspect of Easy Does It Yoga training engages different parts of your body and mind. There are five major parts to the Easy Does It Yoga program:

  • Exercises: Gentle stretching, strengthening, and...
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About the Author

Alice Christensen

Alice Christensen founded the American Yoga Association—the first nonreligious, nonprofit, educational yoga organization in the United States—in 1968. She is the author of 20-Minute Yoga Workouts, The American Yoga Association's New Yoga Challenge, The American Yoga Association's Easy Does It Yoga, and Yoga of the Heart. She lives in Sarasota, Florida.




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