The Amish School

The Amish School

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Written by an Amish schoolteacher, this book gives an insider's view of an Amish school, as well as the history of how Amish schools and curriculum developed.

Revised Edition! Sold more than 50,000 copies in earlier editions! The Old Order Amish believe that school prepares children for the Amish way of life, for the responsibilities of adulthood, and for eternity. Most communities conduct their own schools, usually taught by Amish teachers. Sara E. Fisher, an Old Order Amish woman, taught a one-room school for seven years. This is her fascinating insider's view of a typical Amish school. Includes "Diary of an Amish Schoolgirl."

This authoritative book on Amish education deals with many questions:

Why do the Amish have their own schools?
How are teachers chosen? How are the parents involved? W
hat curriculum materials are used?
What about children with special needs?

Co-author Sara Fisher writes from her experience as an Amish schoolteacher; co-author Rachel Stahl writes from her years of extensive research.
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