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An Introduction to Japanese Kanji Calligraphy

An Introduction to Japanese Kanji Calligraphy

The word calligraphy literally means "beautiful writing." It is an art form that can be found in most civilizations with a written script. Originally developed to stress the importance of culture, religion and philosophy, over time calligraphy in most languages has developed into a purely artistic expression.

In Japanese culture, kanji characters from the Japanese writing system are used in calligraphy. An Introduction to Japanese Kanji Calligraphy is an exploration of this Asian art form, and examines how calligraphic poetry developed in Japan. Written by a Japanese shodo master, An Introduction to Japanese Kanji Calligraphy is a wonderful introduction to the beautiful art of Japanese calligraphy.

The book explains systems of Japanese language and delves into details of written Japanese characters and techniques of kanji calligraphy. Chapters include:
  • Introduction to Kanji Calligraphy
  • The Modern Japanese Language
  • Hiragana Chart
  • Katakana Chart
  • The Structure of Kanji
  • The Tools of Calligraphy
  • Writing Posture & Holding the Brush
  • Basic Brush Stroke Technique
  • The Eight Basic Strokes Library
  • Beginning Kanji Calligraphy
  • The Kanji Character Library
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  • Tuttle Publishing | 
  • 128 pages | 
  • ISBN 9784805309254 | 
  • February 2008
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