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Another Life

Another Life

Gifted author Donna Anders is a master of psychological suspense -- Ann Rule called her last novel, The Flower Man, "as terrifying as a footstep next to your bed at midnight." Now Anders takes us air a roller-coaster ride of steadily increasing thrills, as a young wife on the run assumes another woman's identity -- and perhaps her nightmares....
San Fransisco freelance artist Sharon Moore is caught in a living hell. Her abusive husband has made her a prisoner in her own home, convinced her doctor and neighbors she is having a breakdown, and is plotting her "accidental" death. Desperate, Sharon flees to Seattle with her five-year-old son, David. After assuming the identity of "Janice Young," a woman who died in a suspicious fire years before, Sharon's fresh start is shattered when she begins receiving death threats -- taunting phone calls that mock her every move. Tired of running, and with David ill, Sharon is determined to fight. But she can't be certain if her husband has caught up with her, or if someone is after Janice Young -- a murderer who, this time, will make sure Janice does not survive.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416587552 | 
  • November 2007
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Chapter One
Sharon Moore's sense of danger was sudden, itching at the back of her neck as she stood on the curb to lock her car door. Although Haight Street one block away was alive with lights and activity, the side street of narrow Victorian houses was dark and shadowy. She turned quickly, her gaze darting up and down the sidewalk -- cracked and chipped concrete as old as the turn-of-the-century homes that stood braced against each other as they tilted forward onto their steep front stairways.
In the distance a woman walked her dog, and further still, a man parked a motorcycle. Neither of them even noticed that she shared the street with... see more

About the Author

Donna Anders
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Donna Anders

Donna Anders is the author of twelve novels, including six previous thrillers available from Pocket Books -- The Flower Man, Another Life, Dead Silence, In All the Wrong Places, Night Stalker, and Afraid of the Dark. A native of Washington State, she lives in Seattle. She is currently working on her next novel for Pocket Books.




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