The Asthma and Allergy Action Plan for Kids

The Asthma and Allergy Action Plan for Kids

A Complete Program to Help Your Child Live a Full and Active Life

Statistics show that up to 40 percent of children in the United States suffer from allergies and at least 10 percent suffer from asthma. That translates into almost five million American children affected by both allergies and asthma. And as Dr. Allen J. Dozor, head of one of the largest pediatric pulmonary practices in the United States, has seen among his patients, some of the most upsetting effects of allergies and asthma are the psychological wounds inflicted on a child's self-image. There is the constant protectiveness from caregivers, confusing limits and rules, headaches, obesity, shortness of breath, and sleep deprivation. In some cases these side effects, such as stress and obesity, cycle back to make the original condition worse.
Dr. Dozor's plan, developed over the last twenty years, is designed to empower both parents and children. His warmhearted but reality-based approach includes

  • How to give the right amount of medication for best effects and no side effects
  • Empowering your children to manage their own condition so that they can feel safe and secure
  • Prevention and management in school
  • Handling emergencies

And much more!
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  • April 2004
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Introduction: Why This Book Is So Important to Me

Soon after I began working in medical research as part of a summer science program in high school, I knew that I loved academic medicine. Clinical research seemed a great way of combining my desire to do something "important" with the joy of learning. I devoted most summers in high school and college to cardiac and cardiovascular research, and I seemed destined for a career as an academic cardiologist. But in my pediatric residency in New York City, I learned that the number one reason children were hospitalized was respiratory disease. For three years I worked more than a hundred hours a... see more

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