At Your Service

At Your Service

For Ages: 9 - 13
Chloe loves working as a junior concierge at an exclusive NYC hotel—but when three royal kids come to stay, her hospitality is put to the ultimate test!

Chloe Turner has pretty much the BEST life. She gets to live in the super fancy Hotel St. Michele. New York City is her hometown. And her dad, Mitchell Turner, concierge extraordinaire, is teaching her all the secrets of the business so she can follow in his footsteps. After helping him out with a particularly difficult kid client, Chloe is appointed the official junior concierge, tending to the hotel’s smallest, though sometimes most demanding, guests.

Her new position comes with tons of perks like cupcake parties, backstage passes to concerts, and even private fittings with the hippest clothing designers. But Chloe hasn’t faced her toughest challenge yet. When three young royals (including a real-life PRINCE!) come to stay, Chloe’s determined to prove once and for all just how good she is at her job. Except the trip is a total disaster—especially when the youngest royal disappears. Now it’s up to Chloe to save the day. Can she find the missing princess before it becomes international news?
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  • Aladdin | 
  • 272 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781481402835 | 
  • August 2014 | 
  • Grades 4 - 8
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At Your Service by Jen Malone

In this Aladdin M!X title, Chloe Turner, tween hotel concierge extraordinaire, has to deal with three royals and a lot of trouble!

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At Your Service Chapter One
Oh. Holy. Yikes.

Pygmy elephants sound like they’d be adorable, but when they look ready to charge at you? Mmm . . . not so much.

I crouch low in the tall African grasses, the stalks tickling my bare calves below my skirt, and try to hold as still as possible. News flash: not super easy in heels. Even the really short kind, which is all Dad lets me wear. The narrow beam from my flashlight wobbles, and I have to clamp one hand on top of the other to steady it.

“Almost... see more

About the Author

Jen Malone
Photograph (c) Jen Malone

Jen Malone

Jennifer Malone is a YA and middle grade author and editor as well as a teacher at the Film program at Boston University, drawing on her experiences as former New England Head of Publicity and Promotions for 20th Century Fox and Miramax Films. She lives with her husband and children in Massachusetts. At Your Service is her debut novel.




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