Auténticas soluciones para madres atareadas

Su guía para el éxito y la sensatez

Auténticas soluciones para madres atareadas

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Eres madreÉ y eso significa que a veces te sentirás abrumada y poco apreciada. Tratas de balancear tu matrimonio y la crianza de tus hijos con la responsabilidades de administrar tu casa, el presupuesto familiar y tu carrera. Necesitas ayuda. Necesitas soluciones auténticas ¡ahora mismo!

Kathy Ireland entiende tu situación. Es esposa, madre de tres hijos y Directora Ejecutiva de una compañía internacional. Kathy ofrece esperanza, aliento y respuestas prácticas basadas en su experiencia personal, su genuino interés por ayudar a las familias y las preocupaciones que le cuentan madres de todo el país con las que conversa.

Prudencia en las finanzas...un hogar feliz...salud y bienestar...lo mejor de ti mismo...una fe renovada...todo eso lo hallarás en este libro.

Auténticas soluciones para madres atareadas es una fuente de consulta que ayudará a ti y a tu familia a lograr el éxito y el equilibrio en la vida diaria...a partir de hoy.
  • Howard Books | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439150160 | 
  • April 2009
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Model Turned Entrepreneur, Kathy Ireland Discusses Her Most Desired Talent

Busy mom Kathy Ireland is grateful for her many talents, but wishes she were better at sports. If only she weren't so clumsy...

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Kathy Ireland

the Author

Kathy Ireland is one of the top ten advocates for women’s health in America, according to UCLA. Kathy is chief designer and CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide (KIWW), whose mission is

“. . . finding solutions for families,

especially busy moms.”™

KIWW and its brand partners design and produce more than fifteen thousand home and lifestyle products sold in over twenty-eight countries. Forbes reports KIWW sales at more than $1 billion annually. The Associated Press calls Kathy “a best friend to working mothers.” Kathy says, “All moms work whether they get paid or not.” Moms around the world embrace her designs, products, and solutions for living. The cornerstone of Kathy’s life is her Christian faith. She is a mom, wife, and Sunday school teacher. Once a model, Kathy now says “I was okay but never super…my job description was to ‘shut up and pose.’” Today, Kathy is celebrated for her entrepreneurial gifts, philanthropy, and motivational speaking. Her voice is heard by audiences worldwide. She and her husband, Greg, have three children and live in Southern California.

Kathy Ireland

the Book

Of all the important jobs in the world, to me, the most important is being a parent. All moms work whether they get paid or not. I cannot imagine anything t see more

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About the Author

Kathy Ireland
Photo Credit: Jonathan Exley

Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland communicates with moms everyday: online, at the grocery store, at church, at speaking engagements and on her company website.

UCLA names Kathy one of the Top Ten Women's Health Advocates in America today. Kathy is named the mother of the year by the National Mothers Day Committee. Kathy is a Christian, wife and mother of three children. Kathy balances the responsibilities of building a brand with five Good Housekeeping Seals and what Forbes and the Wall Street Journal report as a 1.4 billion dollar design business. Honoring her priorities of faith, family and career are critical to Kathy.