Baby Names Made Easy

Baby Names Made Easy

The Complete Reverse-Dictionary of Baby Names


Given the dizzying array of choices available, picking the right name for your baby can be daunting. Why waste hours looking through one long alphabetical list of names just to burn out even before you've run through A, B, and C? In this creative twist on the traditional name book, Baby Names Made Easy offers selections organized into categories of meaning, making it easier than ever to choose a name that is significant to you.

Traditional or trendy, American in origin or from all over the globe, the names here cover an array of topics. For example, look under:

Animals & Insects (and find "Naia" -- Hawaiian for "dolphin")

Victory (and find "Vincent" -- Latin for "conquerer")

Love & Affection (and find "Mia" -- Italian for "mine")

Religion & Faith (and find "Dev" -- Sanskrit for "God")

The book's handy alphabetical index makes cross-referencing easy, so you can find the perfect name in no time. Baby Names Made Easy is a practical and one-of-a-kind reference for anyone searching for the most important gift they can give their child.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 368 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416567479 | 
  • February 2009
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About the Author

Author Revealed

Amanda Elizabeth Barden
Q. how did you come to write Baby Names Made Easy?

A. I used to start writing stories and never get farther than naming the characters because I was having so much fun reading my collection of baby name books and picking out names. One night, I was looking for a name that had a specific meaning and I was having to read each name entry to find the names with the meaning I wanted. A light bulb came on and I had the idea for a baby name book that was organized by the meaning of the names, instead of alphabetically. That's when I realized that all that time I had been trying to write the wrong book, what I really needed to do was write a baby name book!

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