Back to Basics: Traditional Garden Wisdom

Time-Tested Tips and Techniques for Creating a Natural, Sustainable Outdoor Space

Back to Basics: Traditional Garden Wisdom

"When your garden contains lots of earthworms, your soil is good." This maxim may not sound familiar, but before the days of landscapers and lawn-maintenance companies, this type of knowledge was common. Gardening skills were passed down from generation to generation, and yards were personal places that flourished under the care of time-tested wisdom. Today the pace of life is faster, and modern advances make gardening tasks easier, but we can all benefit from the techniques and common-sense advice of the past to have beautiful, fruitful gardens now.
With Back to Basics: Traditional Garden Wisdom, anyone can:
  • Develop a dream, green garden without spending a fortune
  • Grow an organic and eco-friendly garden with minimum fuss and maximum taste
  • Discover how to collect and save seeds
  • Make your own compost and learn "no-dig" gardening
  • Make a cold frame and protect plants from frost
  • Repel moles with castor oil, prevent mice with the right plants, and make herbal insect repellents
  • Find out the best way to prune a hedge, tree, or climbing flower
  • Know which gardening tasks to do for each season
  • Raise a panel fence and use recycled materials for landscaping
  • Plant raised beds and container gardens, and build a natural grape arbor
  • Discover how companion planting can discourage harmful pests and encourage growth

  • Back to Basics: Traditional Garden Wisdom has full-color step-by-step illustrated instructions that will bring new knowledge to gardeners of all levels. Soon you'll be adding fireplace ashes to the garden to give it a potassium boost and using your elbow to see if the soil is warm enough for planting. With this insightful book, you'll discover why sage advice never goes out of style.
    • Readers Digest | 
    • 176 pages | 
    • ISBN 9781606520420 | 
    • February 2011