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Ambassadors from all over the Federation have assembled on Deep Space NineTM for a conference that will determine the future of the planet Bajor. Keeping dozens of ambassadors happy is hard enough, but soon terrorists begin a bombing campaign on the station, and Commander Sisko's job becomes nearly impossible. Distracted by all of this, he's in no position to deal well with the arrival of a belligerent Cardassian commander demanding the return of Deep Space Nine to the Cardassian empire, but he must rise to the occasion if his station and Bajor are to emerge from the crisis intact.
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  • Pocket Books/Star Trek | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743420341 | 
  • September 2000
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Chapter One

Commander Benjamin Sisko finished fastening his dress uniform and pulled at the tight high collar in irritation. A quick glance into his mirror revealed his brows drawn together into a dark frown, an expression which had frequently given pause to both his enemies and his Starfleet subordinates.
Dammit, he thought, I didn't sign up for Starfleet to end up playing ambassador to half the sentient races in the galaxy!
Sisko, did not, in truth, much resemble a diplomat at that moment. The face in the mirror belonged to a man who preferred to take the direct route straight to the heart of a problem, not tiptoe around it with... see more



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