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Blair Witch: Graveyard Shift

Blair Witch: Graveyard Shift

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Midnight. August 4, 1995. The eerie lights of the deserted airfield play across the exhausted face of Detective Randy Crawford. For almost six months, he's been chasing a convicted serial killer, John Lee Fellowes, across the back roads of Maryland. Now Crawford, with the aid of Deputy Harris Green, has cornered Fellowes at last, in the sleepy little town of Burkittsville. But is it a human killer they must confront -- or an evil force from out of the past, given life in the shape of a man?
Long before the rest of America had heard of the Blair Witch, two good men in the Black Hills of Burkittsville faced down a demon out of the past.
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  • September 2000
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Chapter One
The first thing Crawford saw when he stepped off the plane was a big white billboard.
5 Minutes Down Route 144
The letters were in red and green: underneath them was a smiling Santa Claus. Someone had painted over Santa's red-and-white cap and given him a big, pointed black hat; something was written next to the hat. The plane's lights, shining out into the darkness, weren't bright enough for Crawford to read the words.
Sweat beaded on his brow, and he wiped it away.
It was Saturday, August 10, 1991, just after 10 P.M. He was ten seconds out of the air-conditioned Beechcraft and perspiring... see more

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