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Brand Leadership

Building Assets In an Information Economy
By David A. Aaker, Erich Joachimsthaler

Reading Group Guide

    Discussion Questions
    1. Look at the dimensions in Figure 1-3. For exert dimension, position your organization on a seven-point scale between classic brand management and the brand leadership paradigm.
    2. Evaluate the brand identity for Virgin Airlines. How would you change it? Develop alternative brand essence statements.
    3. Focus on a brand with a sell-defined identity such as Virgin. Elaborate on the identity using each of the elaboration approaches.
    4. Pick two diverse firms-one that is close to a branded house and another that is close to a house of brands. Look closely at their branded offerings and identity the subcategories in the brand relationship spectrum that are respected.
    5. Identity a firm with a serious brand architecture problem. Describe the problem and suggest options.
    6. Evaluate the brand-building approaches presented in this chapter. Which do you admire the most? What was the key to getting that approach implemented? What other firms are using smaller techniques?
    7. Take a core identity element from a brand discussed in the book or another brand and identity sponsorship properties that will have similar associations.
    8. What web sites have strong symbols? What do those symbols tell you about the brand? Why aren't there more symbols on web brands?
    9. Pick a brand and determine its sweet spot and identify some great ideas that would exploit that sweet spot.
    10. Address the questions at the end of the McDonalds vignette. How does your firm address the four challenges described in the chapter?