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No one gets out alive . . .

HP could never have imagined he’d become entwined in a chaotic and dangerous game of life and death when he picked up a lost cell phone on a commuter train. He thought he’d escaped.

Now, his paranoia quickly grows to mania, as he is convinced that the Game Master and past characters are following him and that the police are watching him.

HP decides he must finish one last assignment and expose the Game Master’s secrets once and for all—no matter what it costs him.

What he uncovers is a potential link between his own father’s past and the Game— blurring the boundary between it and real life more than ever.
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  • Atria/Emily Bestler Books | 
  • 480 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781476712949 | 
  • February 2014
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Anders de la Motte Reveals the Characters Behind GAME

Do you want to play a game? Anders de la Motte writes a riveting, thrilling trilogy about a deadly game that blurs the line between reality and fiction.

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THE MOMENT HE woke up HP knew something was wrong. It took him a few seconds to put his finger on what it was.

It was quiet.

Far too quiet . . .

The bedroom faced out onto Guldgränd and he had long since got used to the constant sound of traffic on the Söderleden expressway a few hundred meters away. He hardly ever thought about it anymore.

But instead of the usual low rumble of traffic interspersed with the occasional siren, the summer night outside was completely silent.
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