Bulletproof Mascara

Bulletproof Mascara

A Novel

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Q: What do you get when you cross Avon Ladies with Charlie’s Angels?

A: A world-class intelligence organization run by women who really know their foundation.

When Nikki Lanier signs up as a cosmetics rep at Carrie Mae, it’s hardly her idea of a dream job. With a degree in linguistics and a hard-core workout regimen, the twenty-six-year-old redhead once had hopes for a real career. But unemployed and desperate to escape life at home with her nagging mother, she’ll try anything—even selling makeup to housewives. Soon, Nikki learns that the powder and lipstick are simply cover-up for the Carrie Mae Foundation: a secret organization of international espionage and high-tech mascara founded for the purpose of “helping women everywhere.”

Whisked off to Thailand with the legendary Carrie Mae agent Val Robinson, Nikki is soon in over her head. Between investigating the abduction of a human rights activist, tracking down a murderous arms dealer, keeping up with her wildly dangerous new partner, and occasionally trying to date a hunk who may or may not be CIA, Nikki has to use all the courage and cosmetic technology she’s got to bring down the bad guys and get out alive.

With the support of the colorful Carrie Mae crew, Nikki will overcome even the most harrowing obstacles—including incessant phone calls from her mother—or die trying.
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 400 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743292771 | 
  • March 2010
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Author Revealed

Q. how did you come to write Bulletproof Mascara?

A. I was faced with woman who wanted me to sell cosmetics. She seemed really happy - she had lots of teeth anyway - and slightly... militant. And I thought, "she kind of reminds me of Frau Farbissina – the founder of the militant wing of the Salvation Army, from Austin Powers." And a second later that I heard the little voice in the back of my head that says bad things: “What if Mary Kay had a militant wing?” Sadly, I have a hard time resisting that voice. And thus Carrie Mae, international at home cosmetics sales giant and espionage organization, was born.

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