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The Myth-Busting Pregnancy Book for Curious Parents-To-Be

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Can I eat peanuts during pregnancy?

Do unborn babies dream?

Can men get pregnancy symptoms too?

How much do babies remember?

How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?

The moment she discovers she’s pregnant, every woman suddenly has a million ques­tions about the life that’s developing inside her. Linda Geddes was no different, except that as a journalist writing for New Scientist magazine she had access to the most up-to-date scientific research. What began as a personal quest to find the truth behind headlines and information that didn’t patronize or confuse is now a brilliant new book. In Bumpology, Geddes discusses the latest research on every topic that expectant parents encounter, from first pregnancy symptoms to pregnancy diet, the right birth plan, and a baby’s first year.
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  • March 2014
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Bumpology Food and Drink . 1 . Why do pregnant women crave unhealthy food?
Angelina Jolie craved chocolate with cinnamon and chile, Cate Blanchett wanted pickles and ice cream, while Britney Spears is said to have wanted to eat soil. A recent study on the pregnancy website found that about 85 percent of American women experienced at least one food craving during pregnancy. Around 40 percent craved sweet foods, while 33 percent... see more



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