C Is for City

An Alphabet Book

C Is for City

(Part of Mister Doodle)
Illustrated by: Giuseppe Castellano
For Ages: 2 - 5
This is Mister Doodle’s world. It’s different as can be. Come along and help explore his world from A to Z.

You should know from the start, that Mister Doodle is quite smart.
C is for City, this much is true. But can you see another clue?
What else is there that starts with C? A car of course--you must agree!
Keep this in mind, open your eyes, for on every page there's another surprise!

A is for Art. B is for Bone.
C is for City, like New York or Rome.
D is for Dump Truck. E is for Envelope.
F is for Food, like French toast or cantaloupe.

Mister Doodle's C Is for City features a unique art style: a mixture of black line art and photography for an adorable look that's fresh and creative! Children will be entertained and amused while learning their ABCs with the stick-figured Mister Doodle!
  • Little Simon | 
  • 40 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442420496 | 
  • July 2011 | 
  • Grades P - K
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About the Author

Orli Zuravicky

Orli Zuravicky has written and edited over a hundred children's books for kids of all ages. A graduate of Barnard College, Orli lives, works, and writes in New York City.