CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Skin Deep

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Skin Deep

A retired judge has been found brutally murdered on the outskirts of Las Vegas, complete with a macabre yet masterfully intricate tattoo on his face . . . the third seemingly random victim of the mysterious kidnapper dubbed by law enforcement as the “Tattoo Man.” The judge wasn’t the first person to have been abducted, drugged, and permanently altered with tattoos and body modification . . . but he was the first to wind up dead.

At the same time, several other deceased are turning up all over Sin City with their body art mercilessly removed—and the timing would seem to suggest to those in authority that all of these crimes are somehow related. But Las Vegas’s top crime scene investigators—Catherine Willows, Ray Langston, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle, and Greg Sanders—aren’t jumping to any conclusions, as they attempt to connect the dots by entering the secretive and tight-knit body art community—one that is intensely wary of outsiders. . . .
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  • August 2010
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THE TOWN OF MIRIAM was some four hundred miles northwest of Las Vegas in the Virginia Mountains, a drive of less than seven hours when highway traffic was light and his radar detector showed the road to be clear of trolling state police. He had made the trip often in recent weeks and this time had set out late on a Wednesday night, pushing past the speed limit most of the way there. Because he’d taken a low dose of his painkiller, it had not made him drowsy, and he’d needed to stop only for gas.

At around a quarter past six on Thursday morning, he had parked on the residential street where the father and son... see more

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Jerome Preisler
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Jerome Preisler

Jerome Preisler is the author of more than twenty books, including the bestselling Tom Clancy's Power Plays series. He is also a baseball commentator whose work appears on the New York Yankees' YES Network Online.




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