Star Trek: Caveat Emptor

Star Trek: Caveat Emptor

DaiMon Forg of the Ferengi Merchantman thought he was getting a fantastic new computer at a stunningly low price. But he realized too late that the price he paid for the machine from Beta 3 was far too high...
What starts as a simple rescue mission reveals something that astonishes the U.S.S. da Vinci crew -- a ship full of polite, docile, and generous Ferengi! Soon, Commander Gomez and her S.C.E. team realize that the Ferengi have been taken over by Landru, the ancient super-computer, which has returned -- a century after being dismantled by the crew of the Starship Enterprise™ -- to wreak havoc once more.
And Landru has set its sights on the da Vinci next...
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  • Pocket Books/Star Trek | 
  • 90 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743428743 | 
  • March 2002
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Chapter One

Forg held his breath and listened intently, straining to detect even the slightest sound.
There was nothing.
A trickle of cold sweat snaked its way down the back of his neck, quickly prompting him to bite his lip, stifling a sudden squeak of terror. Under normal circumstances, the halls of a Ferengi Merchantman positively buzzed with the chatter of conspiracies and intrigue and of deals being struck. But now there wasn't even the reassuringly, sensual chink of gold-pressed latinum.
It was...unnatural.
Forg prided himself on having the kind of lobes that could detect the unique sound of a strip of latinum being... see more

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