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The Chakras in Shamanic Practice

The Chakras in Shamanic Practice

Eight Stages of Healing and Transformation

Foreword by: John Perkins
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How to work with the chakra centers to heal unresolved psychic wounds

• Reveals how psychic injuries become lodged within the energy body

• Links one major developmental stage with each major chakra

• Provides a detailed guide to healing and clearing the tensions each chakra holds

The chakra system identifies eight centers in the psycho-anatomy of humans, each one associated with a different part of the physical or energy body. Susan J. Wright, a practicing shaman and Gestalt psychotherapist, uses her own life journey to show that each chakra also is linked to a different stage of emotional and spiritual development. In The Chakras in Shamanic Practice, she identifies eight key developmental stages of life, from birth to old age/death. Each of these life stages has various developmental challenges and potential traumatic events that will likely occur and affect the health and well-being of the individual.

Wright explains that life traumas experienced in particular developmental stages become lodged within the energy body as they cling to their corresponding chakra. By identifying and working with the chakra involved, a doorway can be opened to a world of transformative images, allowing powerful shamanic techniques to heal these psychic wounds. Providing both physical exercises and guided meditations that utilize the techniques of soul retrieval, working with power animals, and transcending trauma, Wright offers practitioners a way to gather and nurture the fragmented parts of their energy body and lead themselves to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
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  • Destiny Books | 
  • 274 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781594771842 | 
  • June 2007
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Portal to the Infinite

A Journey to the Expression of Spirit

THE FIFTH CHAKRA IS THE ENERGY CENTER of expression, specifically the expression of the truth of your spirit as you journey through this life. It is both literally and figuratively the singing of the song of your soul, as the energy of this chakra spins out from the throat area.

From the shamanic perspective, it is the very powerful chakra generating and containing the very powerful element of ether, the fifth element, which transcends the other elements leading to manifestation. This is the place within the universe... see more

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