Championship Hold'em

Winning Sstrategies for limit hold'em tournaments and cash games

Championship Hold'em

Reduced in price, this expanded edition includes more than twenty detailed practice hands, twenty-five new card illustrations, and new strategies for winning tournaments to reflect modern playing styles. Players get killer advice on how to win more money in rammin’-jammin’ games, kill-pot, jackpot, shorthanded, and other cash games, plus tournament strategies for small buy-in, big buy-in, rebuy, satellite and big-field major tournaments. Specific advice for rocks in tight games, weaklings in loose games, experts in solid games, how hand values change, when players should fold, check, raise, reraise, check-raise, slowplay, and bluff.
  • Cardoza | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781580422345 | 
  • October 2009

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