The Children of the Lost

The Children of the Lost

Book One in the Lost Mystery Trilogy

For Ages: 8 - 12
The boys go on a chilling mission—camping in the woods where children have suddenly begun to disappear. Every time a child disappears, the word "LOST" has appeared outside their tent…and they are never heard from again. The boys think they’ve got things covered; they’re ATAC agents after all. But when an "L" appears outside their tent their first night in the woods, things take a turn for the creepy.
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  • Aladdin | 
  • 192 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442402638 | 
  • May 2010 | 
  • Grades 3 - 7 | 
  • Lexile 770L
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A New York Minute


Here’s something funny about the mole people who live in New York’s subway system. You’d think they would be weird antisocial types, but they’re not. Together, they’ve constructed this amazing underground city using just things they’ve found on the street and the electricity that runs the subway system. For example, this evening our host, Martha, made my brother, Frank, and me some excellent English-muffin pizzas for dinner—using a toaster oven she found in a trash can at the Times Square station.

Hands down, these were the best English-muffin... see more

About the Author

Franklin W. Dixon

Franklin W. Dixon is the author of the ever-popular Hardy Boys books.




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