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Chomps, Flea, And Gray Cat (That's Me!)

Chomps, Flea, And Gray Cat (That's Me!)

I need this puppy
like I need more rats
in the barn!

Jealous? Me?
Well...maybe a little. My people got a new white puppy named Chomps. That's because he bites at everything, especially flies. What could a gray cat -- me -- want with a Scottish terrier, anyway? The little nipper got into some trouble with the big rats in the barn. It was partly my fault. So...I had to save him. Problem is, now I can't get rid of him. What am I supposed to do with a dog who's determined to get himself into trouble?
When my mockingbird pal, Flea, came home for the spring, I thought she could help me train the little furball. But all she wants to do is build her nest. Chomps needs to learn how to hunt. But how can I teach a dumb dog that an opossum is not a rat, and a skunk is not a kitty? Even worse, how can I keep him from turning Mama's fancy new car into a muddy mess? Nothing but trouble. I just thought I knew what trouble was. But now Mama is in danger...This is serious. Talk about trouble...
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  • Aladdin | 
  • 96 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671038311 | 
  • October 2001
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Chapter One
I loved sitting in the House Mama's lap!
Trouble was, sometimes we just didn't sit and love. Sometimes -- like today -- she took the wire brush to me. I guess I needed it. The days were getting longer and warmer. It felt good to get rid of my extra hair. But sometimes the teeth on the brush got stuck.
"Spring must be coming, Gray. The way your winter coat is falling out, warm weather must be right around the corner." Mama yanked a ball of fur from my back. It hurt.
I flinched. My hair's not falling out, I thought. You're pulling it out! Twisting my body, I tried to get away from her.
"Sorry, Gray. But if we don't get... see more

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