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Deep in the jungles of the Philippines, Cole Langan's covert CIA mission to infiltrate a terrorist stronghold collides disastrously with U.N. peacekeepers, sparking a firestorm of bullets and bloodshed -- and certain charges of international war crimes for Cole's five-man unit. A world away, in Washington, D.C., Senator Drew Langan races to unmask a shadowy group behind his estranged son's betrayal -- which means stepping into the crossfire inside the highest echelons of global power.

A master of "gut-grabbing action and hairpin turn plotting" (Booklist), Carsten Stroud delivers an adrenaline-charged novel of America's secret wars, told with stunning authenticity, mordant humor, and heart-pounding suspense.
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  • Pocket Books | 
  • 608 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743463942 | 
  • September 2006
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Chapter One: Washington, D.C.

The Library Bar, St. Regis Hotel

923 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C.

Monday, August 18, 11:00 PM EDT

The navy-blue envelope lay on the polished oak table in the center of a pool of warm yellow light, the embossed crest of the National Security Agency in its center gleaming like a fifty-dollar gold piece. During his tenure as a senator attached to the Intelligence Oversight Committee, Drew Langan had been handed several navy-blue envelopes exactly like this one, and he had learned through bitter experience that what was contained inside them was often dangerous to know. Gunther... see more

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