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The Complete Guide To Herbal Medicines

The Complete Guide To Herbal Medicines

Each year, more than sixty million Americans use herbal remedies and other types of alternative medical care. In fact, more people seek help from alternative health-care providers than from conventional health-care practitioners....
-- Dr. Simeon Margolis
The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines is the first scientific quick-reference book compiled by two trained, experienced clinical pharmacists. In clear, everyday language, they share the most up-to-the-minute, reliable, and accessible information available on more than three hundred herbal medicines. You'll find:
* a complete, dependable overview of herbal medicines
* what the scientific research shows
* a glossary of medical terms
* what happens when herbs interact with drugs
* references to key scientific studies
* and much, much more.
No other guide gives you such a complete directory of herbal medicines, or such detailed, practical advice about each one. To expand your knowledge and interest in herbal medicines, you should have The Complete Guide to Herbal Medicines
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  • Pocket Books | 
  • 720 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743400701 | 
  • September 2000
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From Chapter 1: Understanding and Using Herbal Medicines

Most people are familiar with herbs as foods -- for example, basil and oregano in sauces, parsley as a garnish. However, for thousands of years many cultures around the world have used herbs and plants not just to eat but to treat illness. Archaeological evidence shows that even prehistoric man used plants to heal. Today, the World Health Orgamization estimates that 80ő of the world's population uses some form of herbal medicine.

Many of the drugs now prescribed come from plants that ancient cultures used medicinally. (The word drug comes from the Old Dutch word... see more

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