Cooking with Fire and Smoke

Cooking with Fire and Smoke

This winning combination of cookbook and equipment guide provides an extraordinary collection of recipes for grilled, smoked, and rotisseried dishes, along with detailed instructions on buying, caring for, and accessorizing a barbecue (from a ten-dollar hibachi to an elaborate gas grill).
Schulz's savory flavoring suggestions include a variety of woods, seasonings, marinades, bastes, sauces, and dry rubs -- all with simple, clear directions on how to use them. These, and hundreds of exciting recipes -- from down-home chicken and ribs to more exotic fare, such as Mustard Seeded Grilled Chicken, Maple and Cob Smoked Ham, Beer Poached Polish Sausage, and Sesame Speckled Butterfish -- turn grill cooking into a culinary adventure. And a surprising, delightful array of seafood, meat, and vegetable kebobs offers exciting twists for skewers.
For anyone with a terrace, backyard, a little fire or imagination, Cooking with Fire and Smoke is a necessary resource.
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  • Simon & Schuster | 
  • 336 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439128763 | 
  • May 2010
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Chapter 1

Where There's Fire There Is Usually smoke...Cookery

Cooking with fire and smoke -- or more precisely -- roasting over fire and flavoring with smoke is an ancient art. Cave dwellers did it first, but you'd never know it from a glance at the nation's menus. For cooking with fire and smoke is having such a red-hot culinary renaissance, a newcomer to the grill might easily assume the art of juggling a haunch of ribs over live coals to be a brand-new idea.

Far from it. All historical evidence suggests that earliest man learned about fire before he properly learned to talk. In fact, verbal communication probably developed... see more

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