The Croods Movie Novelization

The Croods Movie Novelization

Adapted by: Tracey West
For Ages: 8 - 12
It’s an adventure of croodacious proportions and a whole lot of heart in this retelling of the DreamWorks motion picture!

Grug and his family, the Croods, are doing okay. Sure, scavenging for food and sleeping in a big pile on the hard cave floor isn’t exactly perfect, but they’re surviving. Then a massive earthquake destroys their home, and the Croods are forced to journey into the unknown. As they travel further and further, the Croods begin to realize that it’s not all bad. There are many spectacular discoveries to discover and amazing inventions to invent. The only one who refuses to see the possibilities is Grug. He’s convinced that the old ways are the only way to keep his family safe. Will Grug be able to find his way in this new world? Find out in this hilarious and heartfelt retelling of the DreamWorks movie, The Croods!

The Croods © 2013 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C.
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  • Simon Spotlight | 
  • 144 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442430716 | 
  • February 2013 | 
  • Grades 3 - 7
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The morning sun shone on the rocky surface of a red, dusty canyon. A shaft of light illuminated a huge boulder that blocked the entrance to the Croods Cave.

Inside the cave, Grug Crood saw the sliver of light creeping around the edges of the boulder. The long, dark night was finally over. It was time to start the day. And on this day, the Croods would be emerging from the safety of their cave to find food.

A muscled mountain of a man wearing the fur from some massive animal, Grug pushed the boulder aside with a grunt. Then he rushed outside.

“Raaar! Grooooowwwllll! ERF! ERF!... see more

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