Dads Say the Dumbest Things

From the Labor Movement to the Weather Underground, One Family's Century of Conscience

Dads Say the Dumbest Things

Fatherly expressions so dumb, they're funny.
Here's the perfect gift for the father who thinks he knows everything -- and the family that has to put up with him.
Dads Say the Dumbest Things! contains all of the mindless expressions and advice that fathers offer when they can't think of anything intelligent to say, like these:
  • I'm the boss and what I say goes.
  • Why? Because I say so.
  • Don't ask me, ask your mother.
  • What do you want an allowance for?
  • When I was your age I had to work for my allowance.
  • Didn't we give you lunch money last week?
  • How well do you know this guy who wants to take you to a drive-in movie?
  • Your mother did tell you about the birds and the bees, didn't she?
  • I wasn't waiting up for you.
  • I was reading the newspaper.

The book includes 23 photos of famous TV dads who have raised stupid sayings to an art form.
  • Meadowbrook | 
  • 112 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671696139 | 
  • April 1990

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