Dare To Be 100

Dare To Be 100

99 Steps To A Long, Healthy Life

A bestselling expert on aging and geriatric care offers a prescription for achieving longevity and preserving the quality of life. In DARE to Be 100, Walter M. Bortz II, M.D., explains how and why we should all strive to be centenarians with his unique and practical program. Supported by his lifelong research, this program is broken down into the categories of
* Diet (Take a Coffee Break; Beware of Free Radicals)
* Attitude (Be Necessary; Maintain the Creative Spark)
* Renewal (Recharge Yourself; Keep Working)
* Exercise (Keep Your Oxygen Tanks Full; Be Sexy, Be Fit)

The 99 steps in this book offer an effective plan for living long, healthy, and -- just as important -- fulfilled lives.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 272 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684800219 | 
  • June 1996
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Chapter 1

You've got to have guts to grow old

To claim life you've got to be bold

But you have to be smart

As well as have heart

If you want your whole tale to be told.

Guts and Smarts

In 1995 the first of 75 million baby boomers turned fifty. We know this much. What we don't know is, beginning in 2045, how many of them will turn 100. Two principal credentials will have to be presented if most are to make it -- guts and smarts. Smarts is the accumulation and use of the cascade of new knowledge that provides the when, what, and how to aim for 100. The when, what,... see more

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