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Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band

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Their albums enter the charts at #1. Fans follow them around the country, soaking up the incredible energy of their sold-out live concerts. From gigging at an Earth Day celebration and more frat parties than anyone can remember, Dave Matthews and his phenomenal band have electrified rock 'n' roll America. Now a music industry insider takes you to the heart of the Dave Matthews Band -- their meteoric rise to superstardom and the most extensive listing ever published of their tours and smash recordings, including the bootlegs that the band encourages.
Charlottesville, Virginia, 1991: Dave Matthews meets and jams with drummer Carter Beauford, bassist Stefan Lessard, saxophonist Leroi Moore, and violinist Boyd Tinsley. The band tours extensively for the next two years and puts out the self-released live album, Remember Two Things. Their enthusiastic grass-roots following in the Southeast and groove-ridden jams earn them a major label deal with RCA Records and the release of Under the Table and Dreaming, giving fans two smash hits and garnering a pair of Grammy nominations. But it is the heartfelt ballad "Crash Into Me" from their third album, Crash, that vaults them into the alternative-rock mainstream. Superb critical acclaim for their fourth bestselling set, Before These Crowded Streets, lands Dave on the cover of Spin, dubbed "the King of Rock."
Through interviews with close associates, collaborators, tour mates, and friends, along with a complete discography and "gigography" (the definitive list of all the band's phenomenal live shows), this book takes you inside the Dave Matthews universe. This multiracial quintet's unique mix of jazz, blue-eyed funk, world rhythms, and sensitive lyricism speaks to people across generations.
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In the Beginning
The story of Dave Matthews Band begins so far away from the stadiums the quintet would someday pack to capacity. It starts in Johannesburg, South Africa, on January 9, 1967, when David John Matthews was born to John and Val Matthews. During her pregnancy, Val listened to a lot of Vivaldi and years later some would joke that this early exposure to music would tune the then-unborn Matthews's ear for the art.
South Africa was not the ideal place to raise a child at the time. The white Afrikaners had officially gained their independence from Great Britain less than ten years earlier in 1958. In the years following, there was an... see more

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