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Dead End

Dead End

For Ages: 16 and up
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Dru and Gina are young, in love, and can’t wait to get out of Marshall, Nebraska, a town where bloodline means everything and whoever has the money makes the rules. But all their dreams are shattered when Gina has a monstrous run-in with the son of the richest man in Marshall—an incident that leaves her broken, battered, and violated.

Driven by rage, Dru and Gina take matters into their own hands, and quickly find themselves in over their heads. Without any other options, Dru and Gina are on the run. But there’s more chasing them than they think, and love might not be enough to save them.
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  • Simon Pulse | 
  • 384 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781442414303 | 
  • June 2011 | 
  • Grades 10 and up
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PEOPLE LOSE THEIR WAY SOMETIMES. MOST OF THE time, they don’t even know until it’s too late and the damage is already done. Me, I never lost my way. Even on the run with Gina, I knew where I was going. I was with her. She was my path. She was my destiny. As long as we were together, the roads were set. It’s all that mattered.

When you’re with someone who makes you feel so good you ache during every moment you’re away from them, it’s impossible to truly get lost and stray from your path. She’s the only one I ever cared about from the exact moment me and Gina decided to... see more

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