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Detachment Bravo

Detachment Bravo

From top-secret diplomatic tunnels beneath London to the high seas off the Azores, the New York Times bestselling SEAL commando of eight explosive thrillers takes on a lethal group of Irish Republican Army terrorists in


The Rogue Warrior is back in a fast-paced, furious, in-your-face adventure! This time he's on the hunt for a high-tech army that smashed the Good Friday Peace Accord and killed a half dozen American and British CEOs. Launched by two self-financed, new-generation terrorists, this murderous wing of the IRA has an even bigger assault planned -- one that promises to stun the world. Now, along with a special ops team made up of Brits, SEALS, spies, and NSA operatives, Marcinko is determined to stop them, but there are a few unknowns: they don't know the target, they don't know the date, and they don't know where the terror is going down.
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  • Pocket Star | 
  • 416 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671000752 | 
  • March 2002
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Chapter One

Oh, dear God, how I do love pain. In fact, those of you who have read the previous eight books in this series understand all too well that I have an ongoing, enduring, even unique relationship with pain. For those of you who haven't, let me say that pain and I enjoy a symbiotic bond, a fundamental, intrinsic link, a basic and perpetual connection. The gist of this link is that whenever I endure pain, I realize I am guaranteed to still be very much, very Roguishly, alive. In fact, my life is the perfect articulation of an essential, Froggish precept taught to me during Hell Week by an old, grizzled pipe-smoking UDT chief boatswain's... see more

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