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Dirtier Than Ever

Dirtier Than Ever

A Novel

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Following the phenomenal success of Essence bestsellers Dirty Red and Still Dirty, Vickie M. Stringer takes readers on another bumpy ride in Dirtier Than Ever with Red, Bacon, and Q—the crazy love-hate triangle who makes the series a favorite among urban fiction fans.

Q wished that Bacon had killed Red when he had the chance. Red knew that Q’s career as a hustler was over and he was counting on starting a new legit business with the money he had made. He had once believed her when she promised that the money didn’t mean a thing and she would give it all up to be with him.

Bacon returns from prison and suddenly Q is left for dead. With Q out of the picture, Bacon now has Red to himself. His sights are set on being the top hustler with Red by his side. He believes Red has fi nally changed when she reveals the truth about her past.

But all comes to a head when the snooping detective, Thomas, suspects Red’s involvement in Q’s getting shot and the murder of Zeke, Q’s best friend. With two murders, a tumultuous love affair, and
money on her mind, Red must make a decision . . . does she turn over a new leaf or revisit her dirty ways of old?

Gritty, steamy, and intense, Stringer delivers another page-turning caper about a hustler in high heels who is Dirtier Than Ever.
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 304 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439166123 | 
  • February 2011
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Q drove away from the bank, not knowing what to do. He hated the ground Red walked on and wished that Bacon would have killed her when he had the chance. Red had played him the entire time. She had known that the check she presented to him was no good. It was $1.6 million worth of lies. She knew that he had stopped hustling, and she knew that he was counting on this money to tide them over and to get things going on the business tip. She had promised him that the money didn’t mean a thing, and that she would give it all up to be with him. And he had fallen for it hook, line and sinker. He had listened to her... see more

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