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Do Anything Volume 1

Do Anything Volume 1

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Graphic novelist Warren Ellis reflects on the history of the comic book medium and its secret relationship with society and culture.

The robot head of comic book legend Jack Kirby lives on Warren Ellis' desk! (Actually, it's the stolen and repurposed head of the missing Philip K. Dick robot, which Mr. Ellis confesses to swiping off the back of a plane.) Take a look at the world of graphic storytelling through its hazy android eyes, a rattling ghost-train ride through the history of comics. David Bowie, the CIA, mad architects, Will Eisner, Frank Zappa, Tintin, the designer of Skylab, a train station in Paris, Arthur C. Clarke, the circus, the Black Panther Party, and William S. Burroughs: all of these things are connected by Jack Kirby, all part of the secret history of comics, and all illustrating the special nature of this exciting medium as the place where you can do anything.
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  • Avatar Press | 
  • 48 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781592911059 | 
  • April 2006
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