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Doing it Now

Doing it Now

Read by: Edwin Bliss
Why waste one more moment when you can DO IT NOW?

Procrastination is the number one obstacle to success. It's also the obstacle most easily surmounted, as Edwin Bliss demonstrates in this foolproof antidote to inaction. The author of Getting Things Done demolishes every excuse, distraction and fear as he takes you through the 12-simple steps to self-mastery from the first step -- turning your attitude around, the final reward -- accomplishment, you'll acquire all the savvy and strategies you'll need to make every day count. You'll learn to:
  • Relax -- or energize -- fatigue away...and discover your second, third and fourth winds.
  • Understand the reasons, from the subtle to the absurd, why you postpone important business.
  • Develop a sure-fire, 5-minute game plan that will snowball into success.
  • Refine your skills along the way with simple exercises designed to turn distasteful tasks into successful achievements.

On the job, around the house, in your relationships and for your own personal development and pleasure, now is the time to stop postponing your plans and start turning them into achievements!
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  • September 1986
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