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A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent

A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent

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If she hustled hard enough, she could stay ahead of the game. That was her life story. Always trying to make a dollar outta fifteen cent. . . .

Street-smart Portia Lane traded in her church roots and college degree for sex-fueled stardom as Brooklyn’s hottest stripper. The hood respects her, men in suits open their wallets, her girlfriends— Laila, Simone, and Fatima—have got her back, and the money rolls in. . . . Then Portia breaks her own rules and falls dangerously in love with one of her regulars, and everything about the Life comes into question. Jay is an ambitious music executive who’s a little bit thug, and all sexy—and Portia must genuinely change to win his trust and prove her love for him is not inspired by his wealth. But one way or another, Portia will pay the price for her tumultuous past.
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  • Pocket Books | 
  • 432 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781476734170 | 
  • June 2013
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A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent 1 | A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF PORTIA
RINNG! PORTIA HAD just laid down an hour ago, and was knocked out as if Mike Tyson had sucker-punched her, when the phone rang. She groaned and rolled over to peek at the clock radio on her nightstand. Its red numbers read 4:57 a.m. Rinng! Damn, who the hell was calling her at five in the morning?

It dawned on Portia that it had to be about money. She quickly cleared the sleep frog from her throat so she wouldn’t sound crusty and picked up the receiver.... see more



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