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Domestic Bliss

Domestic Bliss

Simple Ways to Add Style to Your Life

The low-stress, high-fun way to entertain, shop, decorate and indulge your way to domestic nirvana.

What is domestic bliss? It's bringing the office party home just because you have fresh mint and a secret mojito recipe. It's making your houseguest feel like he's at the Ritz even when he's crashing on your sofa. It's retreating home after a harried day and taking solace in a perfectly placed flea market find.

Home is the new hot spot and in Domestic Bliss, London's favorite young style expert makes all your nesting fantasies come true. This blueprint for domestic bliss will work whether your posse is coming to your castle or you're planning an evening for one. With wit and savoir faire, Konig shows how to:

  • Mix family hand-me-downs and new treasures
  • Tackle clutter with simple solutions
  • Turn your world around even when you feel fat, lonely and hate all your clothes and furniture.

Domestic Bliss is about creating moments of perfection in an otherwise chaotic world.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781451623802 | 
  • October 2010
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Playing Hostess

Inviting people to your home is really the very best thing. Whether they are dropping in for a drink or two or coming to stay for a long weekend or a week, there can be nothing better -- except perhaps that feeling you get when you have entertained them so successfully that they are asking when they can come again before they have even left.

This chapter is about how to be around your friends in your home when you are entertaining, parts of which are really easy and parts of which are really hard. Among the latter, I would include coming out with your prerecorded "Oh, that old thing, don't even think about it, it... see more

About the Author

Rita Konig
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Rita Konig

Rita Konig writes lifestyle columns for Harper's Bazaar, the Saturday Telegraph Magazine, and British Vogue. She lives in London.




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