Dora the Explorer Mix & Match Dress-up

Dora the Explorer Mix & Match Dress-up

(Part of Mix and Match)
Illustrated by: Jason Fruchter / Other primary creator: Nickelodeon Dora the Explorer
For Ages: 3 - 6
Dora’s got a new look in this colorful book. In fact, she’s got more than 200 of them, thanks to the die-cut panels that lets kids mix and match Dora’s features, fashions, accessories and more.

Dora dresses up like never before in this fun-filled book. She’s a surfer in a colorful bathing suit on one spread, a pretty princess on another, a ballerina in a dancing outfit on a third spread. She’s a jungle explorer in a safari suit and pith helmet in another scene, . Those are just four of the six outfits Dora is pictured in on the pages of this book. Then the fun starts. Start flipping the three die-cut panels on each spread to mix and match Dora’s hats, dresses, accessories, shoes, and scenes. The result is a colorful cast of characters—and they’re all Dora!
  • Reader's Digest | 
  • 12 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780794424756 | 
  • February 2012 | 
  • Grades P - 2

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