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DreadfulWater Shows Up

DreadfulWater Shows Up

A Novel

From award-winning literary author Thomas King (aka Hartley GoodWeather) comes a stylish mystery debut featuring ex-California cop Thumps DreadfulWater, a smart and savvy Cherokee Indian whose witty exterior belies a clever, stubborn sleuth.

With his cop life officially behind him, Thumps now makes his living as a fine-arts photographer in Chinook -- a western town snuggled up against a reservation that's struggling for economic independence via investment in a glitzy new resort and casino complex called Buffalo Mountain. It's a slow-paced, good life for Thumps and his eccentric cat, Freeway. Most of the time. But when a dead body turns up in one of the just-completed luxury condos, things change fast -- and not for the better. Photographing corpses is not part of Thumps's master plan.

He can't help getting involved, especially when he realizes that the number one suspect is Stanley "Stick" Merchant, anticondo protestor and wayward son of Claire Merchant, head of the tribal council and Thumps's onetime love. If it affects Claire, it affects Thumps.

It seems that Stick disappeared just about the time of the murder. Coincidence? Or just bad timing? Thumps knows that the police often shoot smart-ass teenagers first and ask questions later. He doesn't want that to happen to Stick. But can Thumps find Stick in time? And can Thumps find a killer before a killer finds Thumps?

DreadfulWater Shows Up marks the arrival of a detective with a difference. With energy and verve and a very special voice, Thomas King and Hartley GoodWeather create an engaging and original page-turner that zings with memorable characters and biting social commentary.
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  • Scribner | 
  • 272 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781416575306 | 
  • August 2007
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Ora Mae Foreman relaxed on the balcony of the Cascade with her thermos of coffee, a bag of chocolate-coated doughnut holes, and the morning paper, and waited for the sun to light up the eastern face of the Rockies.

"A million-dollar view," Sterling Noseworthy told all the agents. "That's what you're selling."

It was baloney, of course, the kind that Sterling liked to slice and serve when he was trying to be motivational. To be sure, the views at Buffalo Mountain Resort were spectacular -- the mountains almost in your living room, the heavy forest of pine and spruce, the river racing down White Goat Canyon and... see more

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