Dustbin Dad

Dustbin Dad

Illustrated by: Russell Ayto
Do you leave food on your plate at mealtimes? If you do, beware, it could lead to all sorts of trouble . . .
The dad in this book has a penchant for leftover food - even the bits that are soggy and chewed! He eats EVERYTHING - unfinished sandwiches, cold soggy fries, unwanted broccoli, half eaten pies! But when, one day, he accidentally guzzles the cat's Puss-Pep-Up Powder, strange things start to happen . . .
  • Simon & Schuster UK | 
  • 32 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780857079008 | 
  • June 2013

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About the Author

Peter Bently

PETER BENTLY has written several picture books including The Shark in the Dark and Cats Ahoy! (both Macmillan). He has also written the Vampire School series of young fiction for OUP. He studied languages at Oxford and now lives in Devon with his wife and two children.